Who’s hotter?

who do you think is hotter? Let me know who your dream anime guy is out of these four and why.


12 thoughts on “Who’s hotter?

  1. ughhhhhhh! you just had to pick these 4 amazing guys! are you trying to torture me?! xD If I have to pick just one (why?!) I’d say sebastian, just because he’s ‘one hell of a butler’ I mean, what CAN’T he do haha

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    • Well my objection was not to torture you sorry if i did but I love all these guys so I picked them. But I do agree with you Sebastian is one hell of a butler but Byakuya, Kaname and Yamato have good points too. But if I had to make up my mind and pick someone I would pick Sebastian. K wait maybe Byakuya… It’s between them two for me. Okay I see how this is torture now.

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      • Well I haven’t watched or read bleach but I do know Byakuyas a bit traditional and he doesn’t talk much (I’ve seen a few things with Hisana? But it’s still meh) so that’s why I didn’t pick him, at least with Sebastian there’d be some banter and interesting conversation lol


      • Yes true but he’s also a kind hearted person who’s just a bit misunderstood if you ask me. He’s been through a lot and that’s probably why he doesn’t talk so much. He makes some mistakes but don’t we all and becomes a better person because of them.


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