Ai ore.

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) T+ audience. Mizuki is the female “prince” of her all-girls school and the lead guitarist in an all-girl rock band. Akira is the male “princess” of his all-boys school and wants to join her band. Love may be on his mind, but romance is difficult when everyone keeps mistaking Mizuki for a boy and Akira for a girl!

When the lead singer of Blaue Rosen announces she is moving overseas, Akira does all he can to convince Mizuki and her bandmates to let him join. But will a resistant Mizuki allow him into her band, much less her heart? Summary from Goodreads.


My thoughts.

I loved Ai ore. The story line was fantastic and very well written. The story line was so full of humor, drama, and some kick butt action! How could I not love it! The characters were very well developed and it was fun to see how they would change over the course of the manga series. It was also very entertaining to see how Akira kept trying to prove himself to Mizuki as a man. To show her that he is more than just a pretty face. To prove to her that she was the only girl for him. While getting rid of every guy who posed a threat or got in his way. It was very amusing to see how Akira would be stopped whether it be by his over protective brothers, Ran, Rui or by Mizuki herself. But he kept trying and as they say being persistent pays off right. I loved how flustered Mizuki would become every time Akira was around and talking to her. It was interesting to see how she responded to him over the course of the manga becoming less shy every time and more bold. It was also very amusing to see how Mizuki became the princess and Akira the prince when it had been the other way around for so long. Seeing as Mizuki is always mistaken for a guy and Akira a girl.  Because the guys are all over Akira while the girls chase Mizuki. Which causes a lot of trouble for this couple but they get through it.


My fav characters.

Some of my fav characters from this manga are.


She’s a fiery passionate person with the personality to match although she can be shy, gentle, caring, funny and embarrassed mostly by Akira and her friends though. I love that she’s the lead guitarist in an all girl rock band. I love that she loves being a prince and gets the chills at the thought of being a princess. I love that she takes so much pride in looking cool. I also love how she’s not afraid to tell people off mostly Ran as he tends to get out of line with her.



I like Akira because of what he’s been through and had to deal with. Like looking like a girl, going to an all boys school where every guy wants a piece of him, having to put up with not one but three over protective brothers,  having perverted friends that want him too, never really being understood by anyone and having his mother die when he was born. Akira is a strong, cute, manipulating, honest person who just knows how to use his charm to get what he wants, which he gets anyway because no one really denies him anything because they think he’s too cute.

Sadly as far as I know there is no anime for Ai ore.

Do you think Mizuki looks like a guy? Or does she look like a girl? Or both? Tell me what you think?  Same with Akira does he look like a boy, girl or both?



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