Girl got game.

Girl got game

Enjoy a comedy romance graphic novel from the popular Tokyopop collection. See what happens when a girl is disguised as a boy so she can play on a famous boys’ basketball team. Kyo may want to date a boy instead of becoming one, but she’s not entirely unhappy when she also becomes roommates with her rival on the courts!

My thoughts.

I loved this manga! Loved it! I loved how the story line was interesting, how could it not be when a girl is pretending to be a boy! I loved how it was captivating, funny, fun, and drama filled. I loved how the characters were all so determined and well developed. It was cool to see how they would change over the course of the manga and how they would become better and faster. It was also pretty interesting to see how they would deal with the struggle and expectations of everybody else plus their own as they strived to get better and kill in it in their sport. It was also pretty cool to see how things went with Kyo as she started to realize a few things like maybe things weren’t as she thought they were. Sorry no spoilers. I also really loved the guys reactions when they found out Kyo’s a girl and what they were going to do about it and whether or not she should stay on the team or be kicked off. The drama be real. Will Kyo stay on the team? Will she be able to beat her enemies? Find out in Girl got game. Read it.

My fav character.

In this manga series my fav character would definitely have to be Kyo herself. Why you ask well I’ll tell you. I adore Kyo because of her determination, her I’m not stopping till I beat you attitude is the greatest. She’s a fun, strong, determined character. I love how she deals with all her problems in the manga. The struggle she goes through in the manga is just wow, but she deals with it with pride. She doesn’t take crap from anybody and is not afraid to tell them to shut up. I love how she tries to blend in a pretend she’s just one of the boys just to stay on the team.Just to live out her dream. The stuff she’s willing to do is just amazing. I’d tell you some of those things but I don’t give spoilers sorry if you wanna know what she does read the manga. One more thing that I loved about this manga is that the whole meaning of this manga is to never give up. Things might not always be easy but that doesn’t mean you have to let it beat you. Stay strong, stay true, stay you and you can do anything.


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