Sora log.

Our protagonist, Hikaru, is a member of the astronomy club at her school. On one beautiful starry night, she encounters a tall boy with blonde hair that looks almost white. However, he turns out to be…?! Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts.

I loved this manga! I adored it so much! The story line was full of emotion, fun, drama and so much more. The characters in this manga were amazing and very well developed. They were so full of life. It was really cool to see how they changed over the course of the manga. It was also really cool to see how they delt with there problems and emotions too.

My fav characters. Asou.

My fav character is Asou.  He’s my fav character because of what he had to overcome and in my opinion he dealt with it flawlessly. I also love Asou because of his personality. He may seem cold, distant, and rude but in reality he’s a kind, caring, warm hearted person who was just judged without anyone really seeing who he really is. People see what they want to see and nobody apart from Hikaru ever really saw the real Asou. I also really love Asou because he plays the piano like a pro and okay because he’s not afraid to jump out of windows just to do something nice.



I love Hikaru. She’s fun, strong, naive, stubborn and amazingly nice. I love that she’s able to see past all the bad things that were said about Asou to see the real Asou. I love that she believed in him when no one else would and that she never gave up on him. I also loved to see how she changed over the course of the manga and became more confident. I also really loved how Hikaru dealt with all the problems thrown her way especially her over protective older brother.

I loved this manga but what did you think? Did you love it as much as I did? If you loved it as much as I did who was your fav character? Or fav Characters? Or did you have problems with it? Was there something you didn’t like? If you want leave a comment and let me know what you think?



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