My fav anime characters part 2

Yes it’s here part 2! I don’t really know how many parts there are going to be considering I have a lot of anime characters whom I love and the fact that I’ll probably find more because I watch a lot of anime. But hey details, details. Moving on here are 4 more of my fav anime characters. Sorry there’s no picture of Masaharu that I could find.


Okay if you’ve read Crimson hero then you should know who he is. He’s the strong, silent, attitude wielding, volleyball playing, kick butt Haibuki. Okay I’ll admit one of the reason why I like him is because he plays volleyball and is wicked crazy good at it. He’s determined to succeed and take his team all the way. Not to mention he may or may not still have a crush on a certain someone. Sorry no spoilers.


P.S. Masaharu is the one with the purple hair.

If you’ve read Heaven by Shizuru Seino then you know who I’m talking about. Masaharu the school punk whom everybody thinks is horrible, mean and scary. Hey don’t get me wrong he kind of is but he’s also a kind person who isn’t afraid to jump in front of a car to save someone. He has his flaws but don’t we all. The good thing though is seeing how he starts to change in a good way. Although he tries to fight it, tries to fight becoming the good guy whom he is. If he’d only let himself be.

Junya Tokinaga

Now this guy you might have heard of if you read Honey Blood by Miko Mitsuki, it’s okay if you haven’t because this is a relatively new manga series. But let me just say that he is hot to the max! Junya Tokinaga is an interesting and mysterious character. With many secrets some darker than others. He’s compassionate, gentle, considerate, troublesome, caring and an author. Need I say more?


If you’ve read Bloody Kiss by Kazuko Furumiya then you know who it is. If you haven’t that’s okay there’s always time. But seriously read it. Kuroboshi he’s a troublesome, caring, kind, compassionate, gentle k wait that’s kind of a lie gentle but persistent person. Who just really doesn’t know when to give up? When he wants something well he’ll do everything in his power to make sure that he gets it no matter the cost. He’s determined to prove himself to not only himself but to his friends as well.

Now here ends my fav anime characters part 2. But never fear part 3 is soon to appear.


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