Couple anyone?

An anime couple that should have been.

Hotohori and Miaka! If you’ve read Fushigi yugi the mysterious play by Yu Watase then you know who I’m talking about. Yes I think she looks good with Tamahome and that they make a great couple… BUT I think Miaka would and should have been with Hotohori not only because he’s such a sweetheart but because I feel like they had more and could have had more if they had started dating. When Tamahome is consnered about money Hotohori has always been about Miaka even from the beginning, before he even met her. Not to mention she looks better with Hotohori in my opinion but hey that’s just me. Hotohori is loyal, kind, a total sweetheart, amazing with a sword fierce, protective, gentle, understanding… Etc… You get the point. I’m not saying Tamahome isn’t good too he’s protective, funny, strong, loyal, and good at what he does…. Etc… But personally in my opnion Miaka should have been with Hotohori but meh because the manga was still out of this world good. But in my mind it will always be Miaka and hotohori forever. But I gotta a question for you. Miaka and Hotohori or Miaka and Tamahome?


2 thoughts on “Couple anyone?

  1. Oh man. This anime is one of the great destroyers of my childhood innocence, but I’m not complaining. I agree. I’m leaning towards Hotohori more. Tamahome is great, but if I was Miaka, I would’ve chosen Tamahome. This anime will always have a special place in my heart, but I now realize how annoying Miaka is. But still, “Fushigi Yuugi” was one of my favourite childhood anime series. I just couldn’t believe that my parents allowed me to watch this as a child. Oh well. I still turned out alright in the end. So no harm done.

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