Another reason why I won’t be going to any carnivals any time soon.

Deadman Wonderland anyone?

Deadman Wonderland. Just the name gives me the chills. Deadman Wonderland is not an anime I would suggest watching if you don’t like creepy as hell music, blood and lots of it, gore, carnivals, and really creepy clowns. I haven’t even watched the anime yet, I got all that from the anime trailer. But hey if your okay with all that they go for it. Watch it I’m not stopping you. I’m planning to watch this anime anyway even though I may or may not have a slight fear of clowns. Despite the fact that there are creepy clowns this anime looks like it’s going to be awesome! The characters seem really strong and very well developed. They look like they’re going to be wicked fun to watch. As they go around kicking some serious butt. The story line looks it’s going to be interesting, dangerous, awesome, and most definitely kick butt! I can’t wait to watch it since I’ve heard nothing butt good things about this anime. Everybody I talk to is telling me that this anime is awesome and something I will absolutely love. Despite the creepy as hell clowns and my slight fear of them. Which I don’t have! I don’t have a fear of clowns! But anyway if you’ve watched it tell me is it as good as everybody has been telling me? Did you like it? Will I like it? Did you love it despite the creepy as hell music, the blood, gore, and creep clowns? Let me know, leave a comment if you like and tell me what you thought of Deadman Wonderland. If you haven’t seen it and are interested in watching it here’s the anime trailer to interest you more. Watch it at your own risk. Please note that Deadman Wonderland is rated R.


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