Attack on Titan theme song!

Theme song anyone? I am in love with the Attack on Titan theme song. I love the anime as well but I may or may not love the theme song just a little bit more. The theme song is so intense and strong that I love it! In fact I’d have to say it’s one of the best theme songs I’ve heard in a long time! My favourite parts of the theme song are when it just starts and all you hear is intense music that you can definitely rock out to until the guy starts to sing. My second favourite part is when it says before I tell you. You should know that I’ve just realized that the version of the theme song I saw was different then the ones I’m seeing all over youtube probably because I watched the limited edition CD of the anime. Sorry for the confusions the words may be diffrent but you get what I’m talking about. Or at least I hope you do. My second favorite part is “The humiliation of being caged is what triggers us to fight back. We hunter slaughter prey beyond the castle walls. Consumed with surging bloodlust as our crimson bows and arrows pierce scarlet holes into the twilight.” Which is the end of the song but I love it none the less. I am now a huge fan of Attack on Titan. I love not only the theme song but the anime as well. This is an anime that you should most definitely consider watching. Like right now. This day, this moment, this second. Or you can just listen to the theme song ether one works for me.


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