Thought of the day! Goku vs Mikoto!

Thought of the day! Goku vs Mikoto!

I was typing up my Attack on Titan post when I started to think about Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Mikoto from the complete series of K for some reason. Then I started to wonder what would happen if they ever met and got into a fight who would win? Goku is strong on his own but when he goes super saiyan he’s almost unstoppable. He becomes stronger, faster and better. But Mikoto is a high king with out of this world powers. Who just seems to get stronger without even trying? Who do you think would win? Or do you think it would be a tie? Honestly I’m not sure who would win because there so alike in many ways and pretty evenly matched in more ways than one. This I’ll think about and get back to you when I have made some sort of decision.


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