Attack on Titan!

Attack on Titan!

Okay it’s finally here, my thoughts on Attack on Titan! Are you excited? Because I know I am!

My thoughts.

I love Attack on Titan as you already know but I’m saying it again anyway. There’s honestly wasn’t anything I didn’t like about Attack on Titan. Which is saying something because I am a very picky person when it comes to anime but Attack on Titan was perfect! Despite the fact that it’s dark and focuses on the darker sides of humanity, it portrays the human mind very well so well in fact it’s almost scary. But Attack on Titan is an intense, passionate, and strong anime that will inspire you. Hell it inspired me to be braver and say what I wanna say although it’s not like I don’t do that already. Attack on Titan is an anime that will move you both physically and emotionally with all the emotions, the sadness that will have you crying, the intensity, the plot twist so many plot twist, the happy but bitter sweet moments, and cliff hangers that will leave you happy, sad, going WHAT!?, and wanting to bang your head against a wall because it was so dame awesome you just couldn’t take it anymore.



But those aren’t the only reasons I thought it was amazing. The story line is another one. The story line in Attack on Titan is kick ass. Seriously it’s one of the most well written story lines I’ve ever seen. It’s so dame awesome! It’s engaging, captivating, and will have you hooked till the very last episode. Even then your still gonna love it. The story line does a very wicked awesome job of getting capturing your attention and making you care. About what’s going on, and what’s happening to the characters. Because you start to wonder if there’re going to be okay and then you start asking yourself a bunch of questions and before you know it you’re hooked. Not to mention the story line is packed with action and lots of it, blood, gore and drama to the max. Like more drama than two anime girls in a fight. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of blood, gore and action it’s balanced out extremely well by all the drama, emotion and plot twists in the anime that it’s just out of this world amazing! It’s got just the perfect amount of blood, gore, and action to drama, emotion and plot twists. The perfect story line! Not to mention the characters. The kick ass characters that is. The characters in Attack on Titan are wicked awesome! They will honestly just blow you away, that’s how kick ass they are. The characters are so extremely well developed that I have no words to describe them that do them justice. There’re strong, proud, caring, fighters who aren’t going down without a fight. Fate has dealt them an awful path but there’re dealing with it and I think that there’re dealing with it flawlessly. Considering what there’re up against. If you love action, drama, blood, emotion, gore, plot twists and cliff hangers that will leave you gasping than Attack on Titan is the anime for you! Attack on Titan is the anime to watch this summer! If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan you should go watch it, like right now. If you have watched it do you love it as much as I do? Who’s your favourite character or characters? What’s your favourite part? Would you join the scouts? Would you fight against the titans? Would you want to be like Eren?


9 thoughts on “Attack on Titan!

  1. I don’t have a favorite character, but I probably would join the scouts because either way you either fight and try to live or just be weak and die.

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