Anime merchandise I want! Part 1!

Yes ANIME MERCHANDISE! I love anime merchandise here a few things I would one day love to own. Who would’t want to own ultimate Tensa Zangetsu!? Doesn’t it look freaking awesome? I want one so bad!

This next piece of fabulous anime merchandise is something any proud Black Butler fan should have! Seriously ever girl should own one of these.     

Keep in mind these are all pillows! Every girls dream! Now you can sleep with Sebastian and I mean that just sleep. Hot isn’t he!

  Awesome Aren’t they? I want one so bad! He looks even hotter on the pillow don’t you think? But moving on our next piece of anime merchandise is…. Lucy’s keys! From Fairy Tail! I want a set exactly like the one in the picture! Amazing right! Next is….  Who dose’t want this Jacket!? It looks so dame incredible! I want to be apart of the team too! Next is… Bun Bun! I want one too! Look how cute it looks!


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