A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice 

by Yoshitoki Ooima

LEARNING TO LISTEN Shoya is a bully. When Shoko, a girl who can’t hear, enters his elementary school class, she becomes their favorite target, and Shoya and his friends goad each other into devising new tortures for her. But the children’s cruelty goes too far. Shoko is forced to leave the school, and Shoya ends up shouldering all the blame. Six years later, the two meet again. Can Shoya make up for his past mistakes, or is it too late? The story revolves around Nishimiya Shouko, an elementary school student who has impaired hearing. She’s a transferee who is always being bullied by her classmates. The one who always picks on her is Ishida Shouya, a boy of her age. It got to the point wherein Shouya crossed the line and as a result Shouko transferred to another school. Shouya then became the bully target of his own classmates. He lost all of his friends and was simply isolated. A few years later, Shouko and Shouya’s paths have rejoined once again. Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts.
If I was Shoko I not sure if I would forgive him. I mean if anybody ever did some of the things that happened to Shoko to me we wouldn’t be on speaking terms. Let alone forgiving terms. It would take some time but eventually I would forgive him for what he did. Let me tell you Shoko is one strong girl. She’s a fighter and I love that about her. I loved all the characters although there hearts might not have been in the right places at times. People can be mean as this manga showed me. However I hated Naoka Ueno and Miki Kawai there mean, selfish, horrible, vile, bullies… I’m gonna stop there because I could go on for a LONG time about those two. They made me wish I could jump into the manga so I could give both of them the reality check the both need so bad. I wanted to wring their necks at some points in the manga. I was shocked at Shoko’s personality she’s such a sweet heart and a goody with a pure heart. Considering what’s she’s been through I wasn’t expecting her to bitter maybe but not the way she is. She’s a ray of sunshine, she’s got a heart of gold. Shouya on the other hand…I guess you could say a lot of people think Shouya is a dick, a jack ass…. The list goes on… But boy did I feel bad for him. Yes he was mean and a dick but what happened to him after was… Yeah it was bad. But he finally got a taste of his own medicine. Love, understanding, friends, friendship are all shown in this manga but we can’t forget the biggest one of all which is the desire to change, the desire to change for the better. I loved this manga.

This is an amazing story, with heart clenching moments that will make you wanna cry or hit something. I’m really excited because this will soon be an ANIME! I can’t wait to watch it and see if it does this amazing manga story justice.

My fave character.

My fave character would definitely without a doubt have to be Shoko. Enough said but for those who need more here it is. She my favorite character because she is so strong. Even with what she had to deal with which was really unfair she stayed strong and stayed the better person. She’s a got the purest heart I’ve ever seen, she a ray of sunshine. How many people can do what she did? How many people can go what she went through and not become bitter and angry? Not many I’ll tell you that. I admire her and what to become a better person because of her. She truly is my favorite character right now.


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