About me?

About me!?

I was thinking ha some people would say that’s dangerous but anyway I was thinking and I realized that you guys don’t know a lot about me so here’s a post about yours truly.

Hmm.. What to say...

Hmm.. What to say…

I love sweets and sugar! Ice cream, chocolate, cake, cupcakes, fudge you name it I probably love it! My favourite treat to eat thought is red velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing. There so dame good! I love to bake and cook with my friends although were much better alone then together but where’s the fun it that? We make less of a mess because we don’t have flour fights and don’t come back looking like snowmen. I’m a huge klutz, yep it’s true I’m as graceful as a bulldozer. I love music especially by Nightcore. My fave songs by Nightcore are R u crazy, Dollhouse, Freaks, Pls don’t stop the music, Your gonna go far kid… I could go on forever.I love owls and wolves there the best animals. I’m a gamer girl. Shocking I’m not sure but yeah I love to play video games and kick all my guys friends butts. I swear to this day they think I cheat because I win almost every time. I swear I don’t cheat I’m just really good at what I do. I’m a huge fan of Black Butler and Sebastian. OMG! He’s so sexy! My favourite colour is purple. I love to do crazy things, I’m a bit of a daredevil. I love TENSA ZANGETSU and Bleach too of course. I do enjoy getting into trouble with U8 and causing mischief. I love watching movies and anime. I’m kinda of a couch potato, My best friend and I are currently competing in the couch Olympics. It takes skill, technique, some snacks, a sweater or blanket in case you get cold, a really good couch and some amazing anime or TV shows to watch. That’s all you need. Somethings I hate are… I hate it when I see spoilers and nobody bothered to tell me it was there.

I don’t like it when people talk smack about Sebastian he’s hot, sexy, amazing and one hell of a butler. Yeah that’s about it. That’s me in a nutshell anything else you wanna know about me just ask. I’ll gladly answer all your questions.




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