30 Day anime challenge day 2.

30 Day anime challenge day 2.

Alright here we are at day 2! Question 2 favourite anime you’ve watched so far…. Hmm… That would have to be without a doubt Attack on Titan and Deadman Wonderland. I know it probably meant one but when have I ever followed the rules? I love Attack on Titan and Deadman Wonderland they were both AMAZING! Attack on Titan was intense, emotional, dark, and very very sad. It made me cry at some points, made me want to hit something at others, and had me gasping and going say WHAT? Or OH NO HE DIDN’T!?



!? It was a roller coaster but a hella of an awesome one to be on. Attack on Titan also does a really great no awesome job of showing the darker sides of humanity. Attack on Titan was just the total package a power house anime! If you wanna read more about Attack on Titan check out my post Attack on Titan. Now it’s time for… Deadman Wonderland. Even the name is enough to give me the chills still. It was awesome! Was I creeped out at some parts YES, did the clowns bother me YEAH but it’s not because I have a slight fear of clowns. I don’t, I’m not scared of clowns.



Did the creepy music get to me a little okay no scratch that a LOT but it was still really wicked awesome. I loved it! It’s intense, creepy as hell, there’s a lot of gore, blood, action, drama, and moments that will have you doing this. I’m not going to any carnivals any time soon but Deadman Wonderland was on point. It really focuses on the darker sides of carnivals and clowns, which I’m not scared of. The characters were extremely strong, dangerous and very intense. They weren’t taking crap from anybody. The story line was pretty kick ass too. It was action packed to the max, there was blood, gore, drama and so much more that I can’t put into words because I can’t do it justice. These are my fave anime I’ve watched so far!




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