Okay wait hold up if you haven’t seen Inuyasha and are planning to watch the anime and read the manga… STOP READING THIS POST! THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS POST!when READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK! I WARNED YOU!

I love Inuyasha! I adore he he reminds me of myself in the sense that he’s stubborn, loud, fun, loyal, protective, and doesn’t know when to shut up which get him into a lot of trouble. But that’s not what I love the most about Inuyasha. What I love the most is that he’s a half demon, meaning he’s also human. Some people might see that as a weakness but not me. To me that’s his biggest strength, well that and his big heart. He’s loyal, strong and noble. He can’t not help someone in trouble even if it may cost him his life. The human part of him won’t let him and I love that about him, he so human it’s awesome because you can really relate to him. He’s seen things and been through so many things that a normal person wouldn’t be able to handle. Good thing he’s not fully human huh. I also love that his hair goes black when he’s human and sliver when he’s a demon.
But what he’s been through has only made him stronger and more determined to beat Naraku and get Kikyo. Now personally I DON’T LIKE  Kikyo. Like absolutely didn’t like what so ever.  Inuyasha could and did do so much better than her. It felt like she was always in the way, stopping him, causing more trouble than she was worth and not letting him move on which he really needed to do. Not to mention the plot to kill him just did it for me and from that day I’ve just always kinda didn’t like her. I get that she just wants her life back and she’s trying to find the place where she belongs but there just something about her I never liked. That doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. Everybody makes mistakes, so more than others but none the less. It’s just that she never smiles, is always sad, seems very bitter, angry, vengeful, she’s so hell bent on revenge, and has this feel bad for me vibe going on that I don’t like and is kind of a buzz kill the mood always seems to die whenever Kikyo is around or brought up. They go from cloud nine to rock bottom in like 2 seconds. She’s not a bad person… I don’t hate her, she’s just not one of my fave people from, the anime. But that’s just me. But what do you think?


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