Thought of the day Kikyo or Kagome?

Thought of the day Kikyo or Kagome?

Hmmm.. Decision, decisions.

After posting my Inuyasha post, I was talking to my friend T about Kikyo. Let me cut a long story short and say that we don’t exactly agree on who Inuyasha should be with. I’m so right though. Hey T if you’re reading this I’M RIGHT! YOUR WRONG. While he’s team Kikyo all the way and when I say all the way I mean like hard-core Kikyo fan. He thinks it should have been Kikyo and Inuyasha and that Kagome should have stayed a friend. WAIT HOLD UP I DON’T AGREE! WHY he thinks this I don’t know. When it obviously should have been and is KAGOME AND INUYASHA! There the cutest couple. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Kikyo it’s just that she’s always gloomy, sad and angry. She’s also very LIFELESS. She also caused a lot of trouble for Inuyasha and his friends. Just saying. I’m team kagome all the way. Kagome’s fun, happy, and stubborn and seems a LOT more ALIVE than Kikyo. Team kagome for the win. Kikyo’s a fine choice too but…I’ll let you think of your own but. But who do you think is right T or me? Are you team Kikyo or Kagome?


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