Thought of the day! See what has me doing this.

When I saw it!

When I saw it!

I was so shocked when I saw this. Like total HOTNESS over load. It was just to much to handle. Sebastian and his sexiness! My friend tried to drag me out of the store so I wouldn’t become a puddle on the floor, rush  and buy it before anybody else could and try to dodge him. It was so sad just as I lunged for it some girl comes out of like thin air body checks me out of the way and take the LEGENDARY pillow with Sebastian on it. I was so not having that. I wanted to grab it from her it was mine I SAW IT FIRST but noooo be nice he said, be the bigger person he said, I’ll buy you a better one he said, I was so not happy he better buy me a better one. That happens EVERY TIME I see something I like someone else has to come and take it before I can get there. WHY!? He looked so sexy! Why do I have to be so nice? But everybody should have a Sebastian pillow and I’m glad at least one girl’s happy even if I’m not.


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