30 day anime challenge! Day 3! Only one!?


I hate and love question 3 Favourite male character ever. This question and I currently have a love hate relationship. How can I pick just one? I’m torn between Sebastian, Ichigo & Tensa Zangetsu, Inuyasha and Kouga.

How can I pick just one of them?

How can I pick just one of them?

I love all of them equally, how can you not there all so awesome! So I’m not going to pick one. Here are all, okay not all but a few of my favourite male anime characters ever.



Sebastian. Why?  I’ll tell you it’s because he seem cold and distant but in reality he’s a kind caring person with a thing for cats and yes es he’s also a kick ass, silver wear wielding demon. Sebastian is AMAZING! What can’t he do? I don’t know! I love Sebastian he’s strong, smart, kick ass, and a bad ass. Did I mention that he’s HOT AS HELL. His sexiness is just to much to handle sometimes. He’s more than just one hell of a butler. He’s every girls dream and every guys nightmare. What’s not to love?

inuyasha Inuyasha might seem like a stubborn, headstrong, mean jerk in the beginning. But he’s actually a kind, loyal, save the humans kind of guy. Since he’s a half demon he’s been through a lot with people telling him he’s not good enough. That he’s a useless half demon. That he will never be great like his father. But in my opinion he becomes great all on his own. He becomes better by not being a human killing demon like his father. He becomes strong in his own way, and learns that a life like his father’s isn’t the only one. He realizes that it’s not the only choice he has and that it’s not the life he wants to live. Love him!


TensaZangetsu_grabs_Ichigo Ichigo

I love that he is a fighter and just doesn’t know when to give up. He’s stubborn, difficult, strong, funny, brave, hot headed and a leader. Alouthg his stubbornness gets him and his friends in some tight situations and him in his fair share of trouble. He always okay not true almost always knows what to do and does it flawlessly. I also really like his bankai and his sword Zangetsu. Tensa Zangetsu is AWESOME! Nough said.


Kouga is from the anime Inuyasha. I adore Kouga because of his audacity. He’s ignorant and very full of himself. But despite those facts he’s a loyal, kind, thoughtful, caring, funny, butt kicking, vicious wolf demon leading alpha. He’s always thinking about what would be best for his pack and what he can do to make them stronger and faster. He’s always putting them first. He’s constantly putting himself in danger for the safety and greater good of his pack. Okay not to mention him trying to kick Inuyasha’s butt all the time is funny too. Okay, Okay and their rivalry over Kagome is funny to watch too.



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