I’ve been nominated again! Real Neat blog award #2!

Real Neat Blog award! I wanna give a huge shout out and thx to my friend Matthew who nominated me for this award you guys should check out his blog it’s awesome here’s a link for it https://matthew903.wordpress.com/. This is my second one I’m so excited! Here are the questions Matthew asked me and here are my responses hope you like it.

Here’s how it works.

Here are the rules:

  1. Put the award logo in your Blog
  2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking their blogs
  4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking their blogs
  5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog)
  6. Ask the bloggers 7 new questions

My 7 Questions: From Mathhew.
1. What is your favorite cartoon?

Wait I'm thinking!

Wait I’m thinking!

As in childhood cartoon or now in the present? Never mind I’ll just give you both. My fav cartoons growing up as a child were looney Tunes, Dragon Ball Z, and Tom & Jerry. I was a huge fan and still am of Bugs bunny, Daffy duck, and the road runner.i have so many great memories of my brother and I getting up early and racing to the TV so we could watch it. Okay and also to get the best spot on the couch. I adore Bugs bunny’s catch phrase “What’s up doc?” Because it’s what he said before he got himself into some deep trouble every time. I adore Daffy duck because he’s that character that no matter how hard he tries he just can’t win and usually ends up getting blown up in the end. I adore the road runner just because I don’t really have a reason as to why. Didn’t back them and still don’t now. Dragon Ball Z do I even need to explain why I love it? It’s not just because of Goku ether! All you need to know is that it’s awesome! I have some really embarrassing memories associated with this anime so enough said. Tom & Jerry, don’t even get me started on this one. I loved this as a little girl I would watch it for hours on end laughing the whole time. My mom and brother were always so confused because they never saw how it was funny. In my defense I was young and thought it was hilarious at the time. Now My fav cartoons in the present and are (yes I still watch cartoons) Gravity Falls and adventure time. It’s true even have limited edition Finn and Jake figurines and a bag too. They were a gift for my b-day. I love Adventure time though it’s funny, awesome, and really cool. Yes I watch Gravity Falls too. I mean how can you not it’s so dame amazing. My fav characters are Mabel, Dipper, Stan, Wendy and Gideon but only because of his hair.

2. What type of music do you like?

Well it depends on my mood really I like different types of music for every different mood. I’m weird that way I know but that’s just how I do. Plus I like a good variety of music and genres I like pop, R & B, classical, hip hop, contemporary R & B, and dub step. Gotta love dub step. If I’m feeling down and need a pick me up I’ll listen to pop, hip hop or dub step because there such high energy songs that you can’t be mad while listening to them. If I’m feeling mad I’ll go for classical because it calms me down. If I’m feeling happy I’m going straight for the dub step and pop so I can keep that happy mood going. I’m very easy to read that way because you can always tell what I’m feeling from what I’m listen to.

3. If you can go anywhere in the world, where would you go (real world that is)?

Hmmmm. Where would I go... What I had to put a hot guy in at some point.

Hmmmm. Where would I go… What I had to put a hot guy in at some point.

Hmmm. That a tough question because there a many places I’d love to go like Venice, Paris, Mumbai, New York, China, Japan… The list goes on but if I had to choose I’d want to go to Japan or China because I’ve always been fascinate by there culture. My friends are always telling I should just move to Japan or China because I want a Japanese tea house in my backyard, cherry blossom tree and a pond with those Koi fish that seem to live forever. It’s going to happen this tea house oh yeah one day.

It will happen!

It will happen!

My best friend!

My best friend!

4. What inspired you to start blogging?

I had a blog before this one actually it was with 7 of my other friends we were Urbanmedia. But that’s not what inspired me. What inspired me or who as I should be saying is my best friend Analee. She’s the one that made me want to start my own blog, without her Marvelouslymismatched wouldn’t even exist. I owe it all to her and I’m so happy that she told me that I could do it too that my blog would be awesome and I love her for it!
5. When not blogging, what are your hobbies?

Hmmm if I wasn’t blogging as a hobby I’d probably be… Jumping off roofs, getting into a lot of trouble with U8 like call the cops kinda trouble probably, maybe, who knows what happens in the movie theater stays at the movie theatre, reading books, blowing stuff up, flipping on my trampoline, watching kick butt anime, have baking disasters going on in my kitchen as my friends and I attempt to bake like one person ( were so much better individually), stare at really hot anime guys ( although I do that every day anyway), kick some serious butt in Assassin’s Creed or Evolve as I pumble my friends and crush there giant egos as they try to figure out why a girl is still able to kick their butts like there’s no tomorrow, going shopping with my friends and end up looking like idiots as we try to walk in 6 in heels and fail at life in the process and so on. I know you probably meant one thing but hey when was I ever able to pick just one thing let alone make decisions I’m really bad at those by the way. But if I wasn’t blogging as I hobby I would do all these things not all in the same day but hey I’m up for any challenge, and before you ask… No you may not know what went down in that movie theater but let’s just say we won’t be going back there any time soon.

It's a secret.

It’s a secret.

6. If you had super powers, what would your powers be?

If I had a super power it would be the ability to stop and slow down and speed up and rewind/ fast forward time. Why because there just never seems to be enough time. Like when you’re having fun and the night comes to an end why not stop rewind and slow it downs so it last longer. So you have time to make more memories and enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family. More time to have fun, get into trouble and cause mischief and happiness.

7. What are your dreams or goals in life?

My dreams and goals. Hmmm. Life goal would be to become a nurse or doctor, dreams are to go to Venice, Paris, Mumbai, New York, China, and Japan… Build a tea house in my backyard and say I told you so to all my friends who didn’t think it would happen, get my very pasty friend into a bright red bikini to accent HIS pastiness, don’t ask it’s a bet and a very long story, do something big to change someone life for the better… Yeah that’s all I can think of right now because I never really thought about my life goals.

Alright the nominees will be in my next post so watch out for it. It could be you!  


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