I’m going to Water Loo tomorrow or should I say this morning because we’re leaving at 5 in the morning. EARLY? You have no idea, I’m not a morning person. SEVEN HOURS IN A CAR! FUN!My friend and I are going on an anime/spa day retreat. She’s been through a lot and I really wanna be there for her, even if it means getting up at an UNGODLY HOUR!What happens when you wake me up at UNGODLY HOURS! But this also means no tech until I get back on Sunday. Son don’t be alarmed if there’s no new posts until Sunday or Monday. My posting schedule and I will have to play catch up. The posts that will be the most affected will be my 30 day anime challenge ones. But never fear I shall post day 4 and 5 on Sunday when I get back no matter the time.


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