30 Day anime challenge! Day 4!

Day 4:  Favourite Female Anime Character Ever!

Okay this one I can answer! My fav anime character or soon to be anime character is Shoko a girl who can’t hear. Yep she’s deaf but she’s one of the strongest people I know because she can do what most people can’t, forgive. She’s been to hell and back and back again because of stupid, mean, idiotic people who think it’s funny to tease a deaf girl. But the thing I find the most amazing about Shoko is her ability to bounce back. Most people would complete shut down if they had to go through half the things she had to.  But not Shoko she kicks ass in her own way. Even though she’s been through hell I love that she can still smile and laugh, I love that she can just shake it off. She’s got the best personality I’ve ever seen in an anime character. She’s got a heart of gold. I love that she’s so dame strong and doesn’t let what other people do or have done run her life. She’s a ball of sunshine. Shoko is without a doubt my fav soon to be anime character ever. I love her and wish I could more like her in the sense that she’s got a heart and can forgive just about anything.




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