Thought of the day! more heartache!

Thought of the day! More heartache.I hung out with my friends today in Water Loo, you know went shopping, ate junk did this and that. When it happened again. Except this time it was a Mikoto from The complete series of K figurine! How wicked awesome is that! I swear you’d think I’d learn by now to just not try, to let it go, look away, and stop considering how many times this has happened. But nope sorry I can’t it’s not in my nature do give up I’m stubborn like that. But there it was on the table a couple meters away from me. So I made a run for it, let me tell you I’m not slow ether I won the 100 meter dash for 4 years in a row. Would have been 5 but I tore a muscle but not important. Point is I’m not a slow pock. I should have got that figurine, but nooo. There were two girls coming  up on my left and a guy on my right. I was so close just a step away when one of the girls stuck her leg between mine. I fell flat on my face, the only good new I guess is that the girls that tried to kill me didn’t get it ether but the guy who was in our dust some how appears out of thin air and grabs it. Running off into the store never to be seen again. They say love will find a way well…. I guess I’m still waiting for that way.

Must stop crying.

Must stop crying


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