Day 7: Your Anime Crush

Day 7:  Your Anime Crush 

My anime crush, I have a lot of those… Like…

But here a just a few of them.


Mikoto Suoh. Why you ask well let me tell you. I loved Mikoto because he’s that strong silent type who doesn’t talk much. He’s more a man of action and take action he does throughout the series. I also really loved that his power was to use fire. He’s wicked awesome with it too. Not to mention he’s the red king with a vibrant aura. Okay I also loved that his clans chant was no blood, no foe, no ash. Can’t deny that one. Okay I also really liked his red hair and when he brings out his tiger. Loved it.



I love Gray. His I don’t care attitude is flawless. He may seem cold but he’s really a good person who cares a lot but he experienced way too much as a kid. I also love his I have to strip everywhere I go thing. It’s funny and embarrassing for him sometimes which I think is funny. Gray is a fun, caring, one of a kind person who has the amazing ability to ice make which is wicked cool.


I don’t know how you can’t love Natsu. His personality is the best. His I’m going to kick your butt and there’s nothing you can do to stop me attitude is amazing. I also love that he’s always trying to take down things that are not on his level and wins by kicking some serious butt. I love how he rushes head first into everything and doesn’t take the time to think about it he just does it. I love that he’s a tough, fire breathing, fearless, stubborn, reckless, funny, intense, awesome person who uses dragon slayer magic and who has motion sickness. I also love that under his tough dragon slayer persona he’s a loud, fun, food loving person who loves to have a good time and is always looking for one.


He’s a wicked hot night demon with an awesome personality nough said just stare at his hotness.

Haruka nanase

He’s a swimmer, has really defined abs that girls drool over, and is fierce loyal and knows what he’s doing.


I adore Kisuke I love his personality. I love that he aggravates Ichigo too. He’s hilarious and really loves to make people do things for him but he’s still a good guy at heart. Not to mention he has a soft spot for Yoruichi.



Tōshirō  is an amazing person. With the
power of ice and his icy blue eyes what’s not to love. He’s strong, opinionated, and thoughtful. I love his ice dragon and what he does. Tōshirō

is a character who shouldn’t be underestimated or played with.


I love that he is a fighter and just doesn’t know when to give up. He’s stubborn, difficult, strong, funny, brave, hot headed and a leader. Alouthg his stubbornness gets him and his friends in some tight situations and him in his fair share of trouble. He always okay not true almost always knows what to do and does it flawlessly. I also really like his bankai and his sword Zangetsu.

This is Blood Dupre. I adore him and it’s not just because of his amazing top hat and hug bow tie. Although it’s kinda big but it suits him. I love his personality! His I don’t give a f**k attitude is the best. He’s intense, interesting, and  loves to tease. But he’s also thoughtful, shy, and a gentle person who has trouble showing his emotions at times. But I love him anyway. Not to mention his bow ties are the best!

The bloody twins or Tweedle dee and dum.

I love the bloody twins too! there funny, loud, obnoxious, and they can turn into children. Which is something I’m not sure I think is cool or just weird. But still love them anyway. I love how they always want to have fun. I also love how their always trying to annoy Elliot to the point of were he’s ready to shot them. Although they might seem childish their actually very complex characters that are full of adventure, attitude and life.


I actually like Sesshomaru! FYI Sesshomaru is Inuyasha’s older half brother who is a fully fledged demon. In my opinion he’s just a really misunderstood anime character.  He may seem like a cold, mean, brother hating person. But in reality he’s just a confused older half brother who’s wondering why he didn’t get the powerful sword his father had. He’s just mad and upset that he didn’t get what he thought was rightfully his. When in reality he got something greater which he realizes a little later in the anime okay a lot later in the anime. Also he actually likes humans a little considering he travels with a young human girl named Rin. He looks out for her and makes sure no harm comes to her he cares for and just wants what’s best for her.


I adore Sebastian. His I’m simply one hell of a butler catch phrase is the best. I love how he can make anything happen regardless of how impossible it might seem. He also has an outstanding level of patience which I think is amazing considering what he has to deal with everyday. Okay I also love his obsession with cats! It’s so cute! I also love that his not full of himself. Like he knows he’s amazing and can kick some serious butt. But he doesn’t flaunt it he’s humble which I love! I also love that he doesn’t need a gun or knife to get the job done or make things happen. All he needs is sliver wear and he looks amazing with it too. Okay I think he’s hot too but who doesn’t? You knew he was gonna be here!

Here are my anime crushes well just a few.


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