Day 8: Favourite Anime Couple


Day 8:  Favourite Anime Couple 

My favorite anime couple…. Hmmm that would definitely be Mizuki and Akira. ( Mizuki is the blond Akira is the brunette) Why because there such complete opposites of each other that I find it both funny and cool. Akira is always trying to protect Mizuki and be here number one. Which I think is funny but when Akira get’s jealous oh my lord I laughed so hard when I was reading the manga I fell of my bed. Mizuki is a shy, self conscious, guitarist in a band called Blaue rosen it means blue rose. I love Akira and Mizuki together because Akira makes her realize that she is pretty and beautiful, that she doesn’t look like a guy as much as he wishes he did. Akira also shows her that he will be there for her and not everybody runs away, that he’ll be the strong one and that it’s okay to let go. As much as Akira does for Mizuki, Mizuki does her share in return by letting Akira protect her so he feels important and letting him know that to her he’s the and I quote” manliest” guy she’s ever know. There just so much fun together they get into mischief and trouble but still come out on top! My fav anime couple Akira and Mizuki.


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