The struggles of Akira.

I was reading Ai ore for the 10th time when I started to think about Akira my thoughts… DAME HIS STRUGGLES ARE REAL. I didn’t realize how much he goes through till now.

Struggle #1

His looks. He looks like a girl not only is that a major blow to his ego every time someone takes him for a girl. But a fight as well he wants people to see him as a guy. But they get blinded by his cuteness and can’t. He wants to be accepted as a guy but nobody really thinks of him that way. That sad nobody accepts him as a guy really.


Because he looks like a girl people tend to treat him as one as much as he wishes they didn’t. Plus he goes to an all boys school and they think he looks like a girl. How well do you think that goes? Because of this he’s never had a normal friendship with guys. He never got to be just one of the guys because everyone treats him like he’s made of glass and needs pampering.


Mizuki thinking that he’s a man. To Akira it’s very important that Mizuki sees him as man or her prince and she his princess. He’s always trying to prove to Mizuki well to show Mizuki that he’s the only guy for her that he’s the only one she needs. He goes to EXTREME lengths to make sure Mizuki sees him as a man and her only guy. EXTREME lengths to find out what they are read the manga.



Sneaking into an all girls school and trying not to get caught not that’s to hard for him. But he’s only human and a guy in an all girls school.


He has 3 older and VERY protective brothers who believe it’s there job to shield him from just about everything. 1 very protective brother I can handle but 3 DAME. To much testosterone for me.  Although Genzo is fabulous. I couldn’t find a picture of him though. But he’s got long flowing black hair.



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