Day 9: Best Anime Villain

Day 9:  Best Anime Villain 

To me the best anime villain is Naraku. Why? Because he’s almost impossible to kill, and was he was the villain in the Inuyasah series from the beginning to the end. He’s also really, really, persistent, like he doesn’t not like to lose. He sent so many people to try and kill Inuyasha most people give up after the first 10 times. He’s also got one hell of a back story born in feudal Japan, from weak demons and a man named Onigumo a criminal who was burned severly by his gang boss. Onigumo is cared for by the priestess Kikyo. Onigumo had developed a strong crush on Kikyo what guy wouldn’t in that situation? But sadly for Onigumo he was firmly in the friend zone so he makes a deal with some demons. They can consume his body but they must combine into one creature thus Naraku is born. In a way his story is sweet but really twisted too. Sexual frustration and willing demons what couldn’t go wrong? The best skill Naraku had in my opinion is his ability to manipulate any situation to his favor. Humans, demons, saints nobody escaped Naraku and his bitter plots. His ablity to trick people is scary. Cunning, very cruel, and creepy as hell Naraku is my best anime villain.


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