So much to do!

Kick ass!

Kick ass!

I’ve been really busy with award posts, family, friends, a wedding I’M GETTING MARRIED! NO JUST kidding my aunt is the one who’s getting married and I’m the little maid of honor so there’s been a lot going on. So much so that I’m really behind on some posts so I’m going to try and get them all up! My 30 day anime challenge ones will be exactly that a challenge but I’m up for it!


6 thoughts on “So much to do!

  1. Ahaha! The part about you getting married made me laugh. My eyes actually widened, but then I read the next words. Haha. Good one. Anyway, this is one of the perils of being a personal blogger. You have to squeeze time for active blogging with other important things in your personal life. Good luck dealing with those. And of course, best wishes to your aunt.

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