long or short hair?

Long or short?

Are guys with longer hair sexier than guys with shorter hair? Now this is a tough question, I’ve been thinking this a lot lately and my conclusion… I don’t know. I personally have no preference but depending on the day or my mood I could like one more than the other by like 1 and half percent. I find anime guys with long hair have this air of mystery and danger that some guys with short hair don’t have and is super sexy. But anime guys with short hair have their sexy sides too. They can rock some sick bangs and can get the omg I’m so hot hair flip thing going on. Which is sexier? I still don’t know because to me there both equally sexy as long as the guy can pull it off and rock it. I like both but what about you? Is longer hair sexier? Or is it shorter hair? Or are you like me and say that there both sexy?






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