Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene!

Yes before you say it I know I skiped day 11 but that’s because I don’t really watch mech anime so there for I’m going to find one I think I’ll like then get back to you on day 11. Any suggestions?

Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene!


There are some may sad anime scenes! How can I pick just one? I can’t so I’m not going to.

  1. Attack on Titan. I suggest you grab a tissue or three. I was watching the part where the colossal titan had just kicked a hole in wall Marie there first line of defense. Then all hell broke loose as the titans started coming in devouring people and destroying things as they went. Everybody was screaming, children were crying, people were running trying to get away. Eren was desperately trying to get back home. To make sure his mother was okay. With Mikasa behind him. When they got there they discovered his house in shambles, his mother under all the debris unable to move because her legs had been crushed to bits. Not willing to give up even if it cost him his life Eren and Mikasa try to pull Eren’s mother out. Not strong enough to do it. Eren’s mother tells them to leave her and to run away while they still can. That right there is love. She knew she wasn’t going to make it and didn’t want them to die trying to save her. Eren being the stubborn kid that he is refuses seeing a passing soldier Eren’s mother screams at him to pick up the children and run. Eren and Mikasa are dragged away Eren kicking and screaming the whole way. When a shadow falls upon his mother a huge dirty hand reaches out and picks her up. Struggling all the way Eren can only watch as his mother is eaten alive right in front of his eyes by a grinning titan. I cried so much watching that. I couldn’t imagine what must have been going through Eren’s head.
  2. The complete series of K. Mikoto! I still can’t believe he’s dead. He never should have died. WHY? I cried so much when the blue king killed him. But Mikoto just stood there and took it.I will always dislike the blue king for that. The blue king stabbed him with his saber. The sadness is real but he still lives on in my heart and the bonsai tree I named after him. My friend even made a little sign to drape in the trees leaves that says No blood, no foe, no ash.

Bleach memories of nobody. I thought it was so sad when shinjuku died. I was in tears. How can you do that? There she was strapped to a tree ready to die for something that wasn’t her fault. While they stood ready to watch. No I’m glad Ichigo kicked some butt that day.  In the end I get that she sacrificed her self for the greater good but still. The fact that they thought of her as an object and not a person really pissed me off. I was balling my eyes out the whole time. But she didn’t die in vain and that’s what matters. These are my saddest anime scenes.


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