Thought of the day…The dress…

Oh my lord...

Oh my lord…

Sigh… for my aunt’s wedding since I’m the mini maid of honor I had to go dress shopping with her and the girls. Now I’m a sweat pant and jeans kinda girl I don’t mind getting dressed up for special occasions but even I thought this was ridiculous. 5 HOURS IN A BOUTIQUE LOOKING FOR A DRESS! 5 HOURS! Yes I understand that the dress has to perfect and exactly what my aunt wants but 2 hours is my limit at look for dresses. 5 HOURS! Of I hate the color, it’s to short, are you serious you did not just pick that out….. The list of what was said goes on. But the good news is that we found dresses HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD! I have never been so happy to see or get a dress before.  It’s pretty too!


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