Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To
Hmmm… There a lot of them I’m a girl of many things. But personality wise I’d say I’m a mixture of Yoruichi, Kisuke, Ichigo, and Mei. I’m like Kisuke in the sense that yes I do crazy and ridiculous things and my friends think I’m insane at times but as Kisuke says there’s a method to my madness. There always is because usually I’m right. I’m like Ichigo in the sense that I don’t take no as answer, and I don’t give up. Also we can both be stubborn fools at times. Mei in the sense that I’m a tough girl I kinda have to be I grew up with two lovable idiotic brothers and because I’m not afraid to stand up for what I think is right. Also we both love food.
Finally Yoruichi in the sense that we love to laugh and have fun but can be dead serious when we need to be. Now appearance wise I’m told that I look like Yoruichi I just wish I had her purple hair and awesome powers. She turns into a cat how awesome is that?


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