Thought of the day. Not my day.

You know I woke up this morning feeling awesome. Let's kick butt! Let’s kick butt!I thought to myself this day is gonna be awesome. Man was I wrong .I went about my day like I do everyday. So I went to the gym this morning and almost tore a tendon in my arm. Fun I already did that to my leg let’s not repeat history. I was still feeling like this day was going to be awesome so I come back home fall down the stairs and almost break both of my legs. Luckily my brother was coming up the stairs so he caught me before any major damage was done. So I’m okay thank god for that. Then just as I’m thinking this can’t get any worse when my aunt calls and tells me were going shoes shopping. 7 STORES. THE REST OF MY DAY, MY SORTA MAYBE DATE WITH DANIEL , AND MY ME TIME GONE. I get that I have to be a good mini maid of honor and all but today was just NOT my day. The up side to this is that we found shoes! In less than 5 hours! It took us 4 hours to find shoes. But meh you win some you lose some.


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