Liebster award!

4fd91-file2bapr2b122b62b502b072bpmIt’s here! My Liebster post! Are you ready?


  1. If you could take a roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?

I would love to take a road trip to Japan and China  and visit different places like Shikoku, Shanghai…. Because that’s were all manga and anime started plus I’d probably go manga shopping too and look at tea houses and Japanese cherry blossoms also it would be a great way to practice my Japanese also I want to learn how to cook like they do, Venice because I want to ride in a gondola and see the amazing scenery, India because I want to learn to make some authentic butter chicken, France because I want to see the Eiffel tower, Rome because why not, Israel Jesus was there enough said, Peru my friend went said it was beautiful, Sri Lanka my best friend is from there and he goes and visit all the time he says it’s amazing and that I would love it were both Aquarius’s so I believe that…. I could go on for a long time and I guess this was supposed to be brief so oops stopping here.

  1. You have been elected to be the leader of your country.  What is your first action as leader?

Make sure that everyone has enough food and water and that they are well cared for and also that we are protected and ready for anything. The second thing I would do is make sure there is an endless amount of anime and manga for all the anime and manga lovers in my country.

  1. If you could instantaneously change your appearance to be that of any anime character, who would you want to be able to change into?

Now this is a tough question. There are so many anime characters that I’d love to turn into. But I would have to choose Yoruichi. She’s fun, strong, turns into a cat and has got purple hair. Enough said.


  1. Answer 1 of the following: name your top 5 worst actors in Hollywood, or your top 5 worst anime characters.

My top 5 worst anime characters are

  1. Kikyo I don’t even have to explain.
  2. Alois he’s super bipolar.
  3. The blue king he killed Mikoto
  4. Gin He’s always smiling and it creeps me out plus what he did was just mean and evil.
  5. And… Shou tucker he is the worst father I have ever seen.

Rescue an anime character, or be rescued by an anime character.  Which one would you prefer and who would be the anime character?

I would rather rescue an anime character than be rescued I’m no damsel in distress Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate taught me that. I would rescue Ichigo and Tensa Zangetsu just so I could meet Tensa Zangestu and Ichigo too of course.

  1. You take a walk in the park and encounter a bear (yes, a bear).  You reach into your pocket to defend yourself and you pull out…

A gun loaded with a sleep dart so I can escape without having to kill the bear.

  1. If you could make any planet be made completely out of a single food product, which planet would it be and what would the food product be?

It would be planet Mars and it would be made out of chicken pie. I would enjoy that so much.

  1. Are you my mommy?

Ummm… No I’m not.

  1. Give me an idea of who you would be if you were a character in an anime.

I would be the crazy, fun, yet serious when I need to be, butt kicking, food, book and animal loving, calm, quiet, energetic character.

  1. You are part of a classic love triangle.  You encounter the two other members, the item of your affection, and your rival, in an elevator.  You have 3 choices: kiss your darling passionately, uppercut your rival, or leave the elevator.  Wait a second, you have a fourth choice, which is to…

Drop a smoke bomb kiss my darling and disappear before the smoke clears. That’s how I would do things in a situation like that.

  1. And last but not least, who are you?  Please be brief.

I’m a gamer girl who loves to read, watch anime, hang out with friends, cook, sneak out of places, and get into a lot of trouble while my brother tries to stop me. I’m fun, lovable people would agree and disagree with that one, stubborn, sassy, caring, compassionate, creative, insightful I see things that nobody else see’s I’m an Aquarius it’s what I do, and trust worth person.


6 thoughts on “Liebster award!

  1. Oh gosh. Another set of drool-inducing hot guys. Your posts are too much!
    (desperately trying to revive my dead brain cells)

    Wait, what’s this post about again?

    Ah, right. Congrats on the Liebster Award!
    (resumes ogling the hot guys)


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