My life a shoujo anime?

How we met.

My friend Analee has been bugging me about how Daniel and I met. So here’s our story I guess. It all started in junior kindergarten yes that long ago. So we’ve been friends for many years now.  It was my first day of school ever and back then I was really shy although looking at me now you wouldn’t be able to tell. Anyway I was sitting with my friends when he comes up behind me pulls my hair and sits down beside me. Thus began our friendship. We were inseparable Daniel, Jake and I. If you wanted to find one of us you looked for the other two. As we grew we became the best of friends. But I’ll admit I had a crush on him in grade one, he had one on me in grade two and we went back and forth like that till grade 5 because he moved away. It was really sad for me and Jake our best friend has just moved away. But before Daniel left he gave me a necklace an owl necklace because there my favorite animal.
Now at the time I didn’t know it was a locket because 1 he didn’t tell me and 2 I am not the most observant person when it comes to things like that. But even though he moved away we still kept in touch and talked almost every day. Now I found out the necklace he gave me was a locket like 2 weeks ago. What he also forgot to tell me was that there was a note inside the locket telling me that he liked me. So we’ve been friends for more than 5 years wow I’m great at math. Thus ends the story of how we met many, many years ago.


43 thoughts on “My life a shoujo anime?

  1. Hehe sounds like a shoujo anime! Congrats on getting together since I haven’t said that to you, and to be honest I actually just read your entire series of ‘shopping’ posts. Sorry if this comes out from the middle of nowhere and a little late after you giving me 2 award nominations, but I just wanted to say: HELLO! 😀

    Also, I realize that I subconsciously skip to your posts about your life because despite being an aniblogger, I am more interested in the person being the blogging, or … something like that xD

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