THERE ARE SOME SOPILERS IN THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED BLACK BUTLER THAN I SUGGEST YOU STOP READING THIS POST RIGHT NOW. You’ve been warned. I didn’t like Alois at all during Black Butler or after. He’s super bipolar, has anger management  issues and goes from happy to I hate you in less than 2 seconds. It’s kinda scary. Words can’t really express the level of wrongness but I’m going to try. I felt bad for Alois because of what he’s been through he had a really bad childhood and is messed up because of it. But when you go poking some girls eyes out with your fingers because you feel like it that’s when  I started to lose all sympathy I ever had for him. I get that all he wants is somebody to love him  but when you act like he does that can be kinds hard. He’s a brat, he’s a hot mess, he’s sadistic, he likes to hurt people and tries way to hard to be like Ciel when he knows he will never be like Ciel. He’s like Ciel in the sense that there both brats but that’s where similarity end. Emotionally Alois is a train wreck, disaster, needs help and a lot of it. I find that he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions at times so he tends to do what he thinks is right which is actually very, very wrong. Also it always seems to me like he’s trying to be something he’s not. But that’s just me what do you think of Alois?


2 thoughts on “Alois.

  1. I think he’s a psychopathic wreck. His “tragic” history is messed up, and didn’t really succeed in evoking my sympathy. However, I still like that he played a big role in turning Ciel into a demon at the end of Season 2. I know it’s an original story, and doesn’t follow the manga but I really liked it.

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