Thought of the day we got this. Right?

As you all know my aunt is getting married! I’m so happy for her! She has asked me, my brother, and Daniel to play at her wedding. I play the flute, my brother the piano and clarinet, and Daniel play the violin. We’re so excited for this because my aunt has never heard us play as a group or by ourselves. She always wanted to but things just never went the way we wanted. But now we have the chance to play for her and on her big day to. I hope we can live up to her expectations she plays the flute to so I’ve got some serious practicing to do. We all do considering we haven’t been practicing seriously for a long time oh my god I can already hear my old music teacher scolding me already.
We have seriously got to step up our game. Especially considering the pieces we wanna play. My aunt is not your traditional bride so we decide to play Rather be by Clean Bandit and Jess Glynn, See you again by wiz khalifa and Peponi by the piano guys. Wish us luck cause we’re gonna need it. We’re gonna be practicing everyday just to learn the songs than we have to make sure we can play together and sound good doing it too. Rather be and See you again will be easy for us but Peponi is gonna take some serious practice. We may have bit off more than we can chew but we are willing to do anything for my aunt even if this means staying up all night till December to get these songs right.

We got this.

We got this.


17 thoughts on “Thought of the day we got this. Right?

  1. Awesome, more music people! I just got done playing in a wedding for a friend of my mom’s. My brother and sister, viola and violin respectively, performed with me on cello. I understand all of the hard work and late nights that go into this, especially when the bride requests some interesting pieces 😉
    Good luck with the practicing, I know it’ll be fine!

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