Something new? Free spirit award! (guest post)

It’s here finally the something new I was talking about! Daziigirl an amazing blogger has helped me in creating what we now call the free spirit award! I’d explain it to you but Daziigirl got that so read on and I hope you love it! To check out my award post click the link.
Hey guys,
I’m Daziigirl from the blog UNOTAKU and today I’ll be guest posting on this blog to discuss something with you! 🙂

Let’s talk about something different today, something that doesn’t necessarily have to do with anime. Something that affords a little thought or two to give the right answer.



The wonderful blogger of marvelously Mismatched and I have teamed up to create something new for the WordPress community – The Free Spirit Award.

So, before I start talking about the actual topic, let me tell you something about this newly created Award:
As the title already says, this award is basically all about your mind and creativity. You can create your post the way you want to, the only rule you have to follow is that the post has to be about the topic you get from the previous nominee – and that’s it, let your mind flow and let your free spirit out!Free Spirit Award
I was nominated to talk about “The Best Moment In My Life” and that’s where I’m going to start now.
You probably have already thought about this a few times, everyone has. What is the best thing that has ever happened to me? How do I define that? There are so many moments we’ve experienced in our lives – wonderful ones, terrible ones, surprising ones; and every moment is somewhere a part of our life, all of these moments come together and create us – our personality, the choices we take, the road we pursue.
If somebody would ask me this question right now, I could tell them about the day my father stood in my yard and waited for me to hug him after I don’t know how long, or about the time I had my first kiss with this handsome boy in my class; I could talk about the time I was able to participate in an international tournament in Vienna or even just the day I got my first smart phone. Even the times when I felt terrible and my mother took care of me were somehow “good” moments – but I wouldn’t talk about any of these moments.
I couldn’t decide which moment is my favorite, there are just so many!
That’s why – even though you might have heard this so often – I’ll stick with this answer:
The one best moment in life can’t just be chosen like that. All of your experiences together make that one moment. Even the small ones, yes, the very tiny ones you almost forgot, even those are valuable moments that might have even changed the way you think or act in certain situations. I always have to think of the times I skipped class with my friends just to be bored in the mall instead in the classroom, or the times I stayed longer after practice just to talk about God and the world with them. These moments don’t seem important at that time, but when I think of them now I’m really happy I did those things.
The moments when you’re alone, when you’re with your friends or family, every moment is something special, no matter how small.
What is your opinion on this topic? Could you decide what the best moment in your life is? Let me know in the comment section!
Thanks again for this great opportunity to do a guest post here!
Daze ya later guys! ;D

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