Finally! The anime merchandise gods smiled at me!

  THEY LOOK SO COOL! SEBASTIAN AND GRELL LOOK SO CUTE! I LOVE THAT SEBASTIAN IS HOLDING A TEA POT AND CLOTH WHILE GRELL HAS HIS CHAINSAW! SEBASTIAN’S POCKET WATCH IS ON POINT TO! IT EVEN HAS THE SYMBOL IN THE CENTER! I’m getting these! Yes FINALLY the anime gods have smiled at me and said you may have this moment! Yes for once I Melina have won. As you know when it comes to anime merchandise I haven’t had the best of luck. To find out all about my anime merchandise heartache click here and here. If you’ve read them then you know something has always stopped me for adding to my anime merchandise collection and achieving ultimate anime happiness. But NOT TODAY! Why? Because I didn’t go into a store where someone could run me over, make me face-plant, or get shoved into next week. So how did I do it? I went on AMAZON! Okay so maybe I took the easy way over the hard way because lord knows I’ve tried the hard way too many times to count. Plus my stubbornness wouldn’t let me give up that easily but almost going face first into the floor did it for me. But now I actually can add to my collection without all the pain and heartache when I don’t get it. Take that anime merchandise gods!

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