As a bonding experience between my brothers and Daniel we all decided to cook together. I think that was the worst and best idea we have ever had. I swear the kitchen looked like a tornado had swept threw it by the time we finished. There was flour on the floor, counter tops, use we looked like the ghosts from Ghost busters, the ceiling oh the ceiling there was even a footprint how that got there nobody knows. How did this all start? Well it was maybe kinda my fault I may or may not have slipped with a cup full of flour and it landed in my brothers face. Now we are pretty competitive always have been always will be. So of course he can’t resist and has to thrown no not throw dump the bowl of flour he has on my head.  So there I am in a cloud of what dust looking whiter than snow, My other brother and Daniel are laughing, clean and not covered in flour. That had to change and thus began the full out war everyone for themselves. Overall I’d say it was a pretty good bonding experience for them, not our kitchen. It was wicked fun to mess it up but not as much to clean up we still had fun though. Trying to figure out how in hell a footprint got on the ceiling, where the bag of flour went we may or may not have lost it, what we planned to make I don’t know that idea died the minute we walked into the kitchen, why there was a shoe in the fridge was anybody’s guess. It was a awesome day, one we won’t forget anytime soon that’s for sure. After this tornado in the kitchen we decided to watch a movie because what could go wrong right. But that’s a story for another time.


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