The S word.

Ugh I’ve just made a shocking realization. I can’t even say the words. Okay here I go I just realized that, that school starts soon. I said it I need to watch my mouth out with soap. I am so not ready to go back. I love summer but I know it can’t last forever. I wish it could though I’m not ready for all the work, studying and stress. I wanna still not have to wake up early, I like sleeping in and not having to rush anywhere because I’m late and slept in, I love that I can watch anime all day in my sweatpants and beanie, I love being able to hang out with my friends and going everywhere and no where at the same time, I love hanging out with my brothers and going manga and anime shopping all day, I like taking things slow and not having things thrown at me faster than I can get them done, I like taking random road trips, I love having time and knowing that I can do things, I love that its warm outside so we are always my friends pool, I like not having to carry around binders upon binders of information, I like not getting lost in the hallways I’m directional challenged so that’s a problem, I got stuck in the library once it was not fun. Yes there’s a lot of things I still wanna do and not stop doing. But I want to see all my friends again and get into heaps of trouble like we always do. We are actually nice people trouble just seems to follow us like a magnet though which gets us into some pretty weird and ridiculous situations. I want the S word to start so I can get it over with but than again I don’t want it to start.

11 thoughts on “The S word.

  1. I’m also dreading the return to school. Yesterday I went to the campus to drop off a few of my things on dorm and reclaim my room and this semester is going to be much harder than the last. But of course, we’ll make it through 🙂 I mean look how quickly the summer ended! I’m actually in shock that it’s time to return to academic hell already but it will pass just as quickly.

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    • Well I’m glad you finally shared the story behind these posts. Love the post by the way you did an fantastic job as always. Lol yup the S word I’m happy that I no longer have it.


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