Grell?… Sebastian?

Ugh I don’t know this question is driving me nights but in a good way. I was talking my friend Matt from Matt-in-the-Hat  when he asked me the most difficult question. Who would you rather hang out with Grell or Sebastian. Can I pick both. No okay lets see. Grell is fun, fabulous, funny, outrageous, and a bundle of joy and trouble mashed together and I feel like we would have a great time getting into trouble, causing mischief, sneaking pictures of Sebastian, going shopping because why not, and just having a crazy wicked fun time being ourselves. But hanging out with Sebastian would be awesome too he’s playful, mysterious, one hell of a butler, sexy did I say sexy because he really is, he can make anything happen, and he loves cats. What’s not to love? We would have a great time being awesome and getting things done in 2 seconds that you shouldn’t be able to do in to seconds. Plus we’d do it in style to. But I don’t know. I think I would hang out with Grell because he seems a bit more fun than Sebastian. Sorry Sebastian love you but I like Grell too. But who would you pick? Grell or Sebastian?


14 thoughts on “Grell?… Sebastian?

  1. Oh god you’ve made me confused.Initially I’d pick sebby bc let’s be real, his sexiness over powers everything and everyone, but I feel like if I hung out with Grell he’d be more fun as a companion like you said. If we’re talking about in terms of dating hanging out I’d pick Sebby, but if we’re talking about general hanging out and fun stuff I’d pick Grell cos he’d be like that fabu gay bff ya know


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