Creative blogger award!

I want to thank Krystallina for nominating me for this award. It means a lot to me so I thank you once again. Alright here we go are you excited? Because I am! The hot guys might cause sweating and swooning, water and fans are strongly advised. Because the pictures might be TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

5 facts about me.

You ready?

You ready?

  1. I don’t to skirts and dresses. You’d have to be really special to me for me to wear a dress or skirt for you only then will I suck it up and deal with it. I’m more of a jeans, sweat pants, shirts, hoodies and beanie kinda girl. I like to be comfortable with what I’m wearing. I remember when I was little and now too my mom would always tell me to put on a damn skirt once in a while. I only own two skirts and a couple of dresses that don’t get worn much.
  2. I have this really bad habit of putting things in the fridge that really shouldn’t be in the fridge. How well for some reason when ever I got to the fridge I always have something in my hands. So I end up swapping it for what I want in the fridge. I’ve done this why my Xbox 1 controller, the TV remote, a book, my  brothers hat and the list goes on. 
  3. The one song I can’t get out of my head till this very day is the juice box song by the preschool pop stars. I’ve tried so hard to get this song out of my head but it never works. This song is from way back in the day yet it’s still in my head thanks to my friend. Listen to it if you dare.
  4. I’m a night person. Always have been always will be which sucks when I have the S word but other wise it’s fine. So it’s pretty normal to find me playing video games or watching TV at 2 in the morning. Which really bothers my brothers as they need their beauty sleep.
  5. I’m going to learn to play the guitar because I want to learn how to play metal. Shocking yes it is but I wanna be able to play it and rock out like this guy. I never thought I would want to play metal but I’ve started listen to some of it and I really like it so here I go. I also want to learn to play this song and a bunch of others. Okay I also want a purple or black guitar but who doesn’t?

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