I like them, you two not so much.

the blue king

the blue king

Saruhiko Fushimi

Saruhiko Fushimi

Seri Awashima

Seri Awashima

I was watching The complete series of K again today when I was reminded again of why I don’t really like the blue clan okay not the clan just two people in particular. The blue king Reisi Munakata. I have no problems with him personally he’s a good person who just really wants to protect people. He comes off as cold, haughty, and full of himself but he’s actually a quiet, observant, composed, game playing, clan leader. Who puts innocent people’s lives before his own. I actually like the blue king he’s a great guy. What I don’t like is how some of the people in his clan were not naming names but cough Saruhiko Fushimi cough think that they run the world,  and are better than everyone else. I don’t like how when the take out there weapons they say there name and then ready I think it’s stupid and really pointless because someone could wipe them all out while they line up and do that, I don’t like how they talk, some of their personalities really suck, and I don’t like how some of them act again Saruhiko Fushimi. Then there’s Seri Awashima I don’t really like her either she’s Reisi lieutenant. I get that she has to be tough and make decisions that are gonna make people hate her. But I still don’t know what it is about her I just don’t like her at all. But me beef with the blue clan is really because of Saruhiko Fushimi. I don’t like him at all. Not only did he betray Yata and Mikoto although Mikoto being the way he is doesn’t let it bother him. Saruhiko just gets on my nerves the way he acts and his personality just doesn’t agree with me. But the blue clan is alright except for him.


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