My gift! With a bit of a twist.

As Daniel gave me the best gifts last week and if you didn’t know well now you know. You can read more about that in my post called His gift. Anyway since he gave me something’s that made my days for the rest of my life I thought it was only fair I give him something as well. You ready for this? Since he plays the violin I got him a custom how with our names on it and a beanie that says always sweet. Because he is indeed the sweetest and nicest person. His reaction was funnier than mine, I couldn’t help myself I was rolling around on the floor laughing it was that good. He didn’t just stand there gaping like me oh no he gaped, he pointed, sputtered a little, looked at me than the gifts and back again all at the same time with wide eyes. His mind couldn’t process it he did the  face it was really funny. After he got over the shock of how awesome he thought my gifts were he proceed to squeeze the life out of me in a hug that makes my brothers hugs look like a walk in the park. But I get it he was out of his mind happy. Now I’m sure your wondering what the twist could be well here it is Daniel wanted to write something so here we go. Hey it’s Daniel I just wanted to say thanks for getting my girl to come around to the idea of us and for convincing her to take a chance on me. To all the people that gave her great advice you have my thanks. Now back to the amazing girl that runs this blog.  Alright Melina is back. This was one of the bests gifts I’ve ever given anyone and the one of the best reactions I’ve ever gotten let’s hope there more in the future. Also Daniel will be here and promised to answer any question you may have for him.


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