Alright it’s here my Liebster post! As usual there shall be plenty of hot guys to lose a couple brain cells over. My suggestion a comfortable floor, a fan, and some water.

1. What is your favorite genre of music?
I have more than one favorite genre but right now I’m really into pop and soft rock. Well that and all the nightcore I’ve been listening to my fav song by nightcore right now is I’m Insane. The picture looks creepy but the song is really good I like it.

2. What is your favorite manga that you are currently reading?
Manga dogs hands down it’s funny, interesting and just plain awesome.
3. Dogs or cats?
Hmm this is hard. I like both equally.
4. Favorite type of food?
Butter chicken, poutin, shawarma, chicken pie, pizza, chocolate, cheese cake, cake, ramen, dumpling… The list goes on I love food.
5. What character from any form of media or print do you relate the most with?
I think I relate most to… Do my best friends count? Yes? Okay good. My best friends. Why because there are just as weird and crazy as I am and get me, and because they put up with my big personality. We’ve been through so much together and are still going strong.
6. If you could chill with any fictional character, who would it be?
It says fictional characters right? No? Oh okay then I would love to hang out with Shoko from A silent voice. She’s seems like a fun, interesting girl and someone who I would really like to get to know.
7. If you could chill with any non-fictional human, who would it be?
Hmm I would love to hang out with Beyoncé for a day.
8. Preferred gaming platform? If you don’t game, why do you hate fun?
Hmm my Xbox one.
9. Physical or digital print?
Both my room is not big enough to hold all my books and stuff.
10. If you had to memorize one book, and that’s the only one you could ever “read” again (lets just say they all burned in a fire by way of tyrannical government, for a loose example not based off of anything at all,) what would it be?

The hunger games.
11. You just got nominated for an award! What are you going to do next?!

Relax a little eat a cookie then finish the others I still haven’t done.


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