Well, this was a really terrible morning.

Okay well I’ve learned something very important this morning that I should have known a long time ago. Here I’m just going to deliver the shocking news me and Daniel are done. He asked me to be his girlfriend but… I found out this morning that he has a girlfriend that isn’t me. Yeah it was quite the surprise. Daniel’s now ex-girlfriend was scrolling through his phone and found my number she wanted to know who the hell I was and I wanted to know who the hell she was too. To be fair she didn’t know about me either so now we were both pissed because. It not only did he lie but he lied big time. Is that all no. Also the pics he sent me of him weren’t even him they looked like him enough that I wouldn’t notice because I don’t notice things like that and I trusted him. How did I find that out? My friend googled the image. Well that was a mistake. When we asked him about it he didn’t even try to deny it because he couldn’t. I’ve blocked him and dealted his contact I am furious at him my brothers are even madder than I am. Not only did he lie and like a master to he broke my trust. I already had trust issues he just made them ten times worse. But the good thing is the S word starts soon so I’ll be distracted and forget about this. Yes I’m mad but I’m starting to get over it, it happened what’s done is done it’s in the past.


24 thoughts on “Well, this was a really terrible morning.

  1. Wow, and here I was catching up on old news after being away from WordPress for a day, so I just commented on your last post about the bow.
    C’mon Dan, I thought you were better than this. You have every right to be furious, but you’re better off just moving on to new heights. Hopefully he learned something out of this.

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