3 day quote challenge. Day 2.

 I couldn’t pick just one quote so there are two hope you like them just as much as I do. Words to live by. Life is to short to, some many people go throw life without enjoying it and I don’t think that’s right. Life shouldn’t be all work no play so as my mom says “Grab life by the balls and start living, work hard, have fun and be happy.” Love is something we all need so when you have it cherish it. Okay yes we all get angry, but we shouldn’t let it consume us. Fear is hard to face but once you do its the best feeling in the world because you feel like you can handle anything which you can. Memories, make lots of them because they will stay with you for the rest of your life. One thing I regret not doing is not taking enough pictures of my happy times with friends although we took more than 500 hundred on one trip but still. But we still have the awesome memories to remember and look back and laugh at.  This one because its so true. Every time I fell my best friends were there to laugh with me when it was funny and to pick me up when I needed, best friends will always be there for you wither its to pick you up, laugh at and with you, make awesome memories with you, do ridiculous and crazy things, get into trouble, and stay with you through the bad and the good.Unotaku My nominees are..


The Anime Madhouse



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