3 day quote challenge last day.

 There shall be a couple of my favorite quotes as this is the last day. Hope you like them just as much as I do. This is really true you can’t move on if your stuck on something in the past.  YES! SO TRUE! I SWEAR YOU’D THINK CHIP COMPANIES COULD AFFORD NOT TO BE CHEAP! But nope they can’t. Every time I get my hopes up hoping that the bag will be full even though I know it won’t be, my hopes get crushed every time.  Yup I’ve got mad skills. I’m not clumsy I’m just freaking talented. Yes I may fall flat on my face sometimes but that’s just me giving the floor a hug. I’m not ashamed to say I do the ninja thing. I may look ridiculous while doing it but ain’t no murder getting into my house. My brother laugh every time I do this but meh it’s fun to do. That is so true when it comes to me, I tend to be a little shy when meeting someone I don’t know but after you get to know me you realize that one I am not quiet what so ever, two yeah I am but you don’t know all of it, three yup no explanation needed. Yeah I agree I would rather have someone who can tell me if they don’t like me to my face then say it behind my back. No words needed.

This is my older brothers favorite quote. I love tea!  Always! People are always crabbier when they are hungry.  When I wish I though to do something first.

There’s no such thing as laziness.  They get me every time.

I’m proud to say I do. Here ends my 3 day quote challenge I hope you liked my quotes.


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