Seraph of the end. Yuichiro!

 After a catastrophic epidemic kills every adult on earth, vampires arise from the shadows to enslave the remaining human population. Yuichiro escapes from captivity and joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. But before he’s allowed to fight vampires, he has to complete his first, terrifying mission– make new friends with his fellow aspiring monster slayers! Yuichiro and his friends are kept as vampire fodder in a creepy institution masquerading as an orphanage. One day, Yuichiro’s dreams of fighting back are realized when the orphans stage a daring escape. But things go horribly wrong, and his dream is kept alive at a cruel price. Summary from Goodreads.

THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST! IF YOU HAVEN’T YET READ SERAPH TO THE END THEN I SUGGEST YOU STOP READING. This manga had one of the saddest and bloodiest beginnings I have ever seen. I swear what Yuichiro goes through, watching his best friend be killed by a vampire along with his other friends, being lied to for who knows how long and trapped in a place where he was used as human cattle for vampires, then also being an orphan. He didn’t exactly have the best child hood  but he grew up to be a pretty good person and monster slayer to avenge his friends deaths and because of his own hatred towards vampires. His one of the toughest manga characters ever. I mean to go through all that and still be sane  is one thing but to go through all that and not be consumed by hate is another. Not only that but he is also trying to make the world a better place killing and kicking monster butt one monster at a time. In terms of strength he puts many to shame he is also not to bad on the eyes either.


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