Infinity dreams award!

 I just want to thank shiroyuni for nominating me for this award! Alright I have never done this award before so I’m not really sure what it means when it says talk about your dreams. Does it mean talk about your dreams as in goals or dreams as in when you got to sleep at night and dream? I dream in colour and can remember my dreams. Which way I don’t know but since I got this award twice I will do one, one way and the other one the other way. I’ve read some Infinity dreams posts on some other blogs and all of them seemed either to be about goals or dream dreams. So I’m not quite sure but we are going to do this Mel style. So here we go of course this post will include lots of hot guys and as usual I suggest having a comfortable floor or chair and some water. I am not reasonable for any brain cells lost while at looking the pictures. Okay 7 dreams of mine as in goals not actually dreams are…
1. To one day become a doctor or nurse so I call help people just like that nurse helped me when I was sick and in the hospital for two days. Because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She was kind and very caring and made those two days seem like nothing. I want to help people just like she helped me.
2. To accomplish everything on my bucket list someday, no matter how old I am. I could be 95 and going sky diving or doing something crazy that I probably should not be doing but I’d still be trying to anyway!
3. To one day do something great that will help someone, and by that I don’t mean just give them a hand up when they fall but more than that.
4. I want to leave a legacy that no one will ever forget, so when I’m old or dead people can still be like oh I remember her. She was quite the trouble maker but loved to laugh. Or like I remember her, she got us every time.
5. I want to travel and see all the places I haven’t seen. I want to go to China, Japan, Italy, and Rome… I want to see the world but one place at a time at a reasonable pace taking a thousand pictures as I go along.
6. I want to meet Buddy from Cake boss and taste everything in his store. I mean everything that day will be dedicated to eating sweets and sugar.
7. And last but not least I want to make sure my brothers live their lives not only in the fast lane but the slow one as well. Life can’t be all party and no work.


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